Edrios: A Fantasy Campaign

Lauren, our awesome graphic designer, put together our first promotional poster for Edrios: A Fantasy Campaign. The background and characters are all actual artwork pulled from the book’s interior. I think it turned out amazing. Especially since we didn’t have to spend money on extra artwork.

So, what is Edrios about?

Overlord Thrask, an immortal God, has ruled over the world of Eadrios for nearly 1,500 years – since the beginning of the third age. He came into power after the great wars of the second age, when Chaos threatened to consume everything. Overlord Thrask saved the world of Edrios from destruction – Or so they preached.

A vast network of clerics, collectively known as the Skerak-Thrask, exists in nearly every culture and civilization, operating as the eyes, ears, hands, and mouths of The Overlord. The Skerak-Thrask are the Overlord’s holy vessels for channeling his divine energy, called “The Law”. Each member of the Skerak-Thrask is in constant mental contact with The Overlord.

Or, at least they were…

On the 17th Day of Crell – 1427, every member of the Skerak-Thrask fell over dead at precisely the same time. Now, throughout the world, Sages, Prophets, and Soothsayers are pronouncing the death of Overlord Thrask and the dawn of the fourth age. Many people panic, some rejoice, still others are skeptical.

What really happened to the Overlord? How can a god die? Without the Skerek-Thrask, who will administer The Law? Will Chaos from the second age return?

Edrios is a vast, exciting fantasy campaign world designed for the SPIDER RPG rules. It is a world of gritty combat, intrigue, magic, fierce creatures, and every sort of fantasy adventure imaginable.

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